The Bolthole

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As an author, I have an unhealthy obsession with “place.”

Let’s put my OCD-tendencies aside for a moment and address this as the writing quirk that it is.

Creating a character in a physical vacuum, I cannot do. Cropping and pasting a dude from a featureless room into a to-be-determined location shot is simply impossible for me. Specifically picturing the surroundings the character will be interacting with is a necessity. For instance…

I need to know if there’s a chair in the corner of the room in which he stands. I need to know if there are blinds or curtains on the windows in which he looks out. I need to know if he paces upon wall-to-wall carpet, area rug or hardwood. Etc., etc., etc..

This is the height of silliness, of course.

But it is my flaw and I will own it proudly… as long as you tell me if there’s a couch in the room.

Enjoy my little scrapbook of “place.” All images are linked to their sources; feel free to click on them hungrily.


Chloe Stowe


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